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Pain Management Support Group

Anne Denner, LCSW is starting a ten week pain management support group. Adults who are experiencing chronic pain are welcome to join the Pain Management Support Group. There will be opportunities to connect with others and receive support in understanding and managing your pain. The group is weekly. A free consultation is offered to determine if this group is a good match for you.

Chronic pain is a problem many people experience at some point in their lives. It can negatively impact a person's ability to work, to participate fully in relationships with partners, family and friends. Over time, chronic pain can take away a person's ability to engage in some of the basic activities and pleasures of living, in some cases, causing isolation and feelings of hopelessness, anger or depression. Studies in the field of pain managment show that pepple who attend a support group and learn new skills and startegies to cope with pain are less negatively impacted by pain.


Hands On for Calm

Try Hands On for Calm to get a sense of how we integrate mind and body. Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Notice how you feel. Now switch your hands. Notice how you feel. If one hand position felt better than the other, use the one that felt better. Most people experience a sense of calm and soothing by doing this. Hands On for Calm is seeking the support of the Scattergood Foundation in order to make a video for general distribution. Vote for us here.



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