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Nancy Maguire, Psy.D.



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102 S. Camac Street,
Philadelphia PA 19107

Integral Psychology


Integral psychology and constructivist psychology have been heavily influenced by such thinkers as Ken Wilber at the Integral Institute, Alan Combs and Kelley's personal construct theory. Psychology is naturally seen as focusing on the human mind, even on mental illness. What constructivism offers is a way to see humans within a broader context of mind/body/spirit/community. Constructivism also allows us to see that each person creates a "personal reality" that is their construction of the world. Thus we have an understanding of humans in multiple contexts and a world view from these contexts that is individualized.


Integral psychology is ultimately positive. I believe that an individual and humanity are moving towards more advanced functioning. Just as a child evolves from infant to child to adolescent and adult, so too are we advancing as a whole. This viewpoint is non-pathological. What brings someone to treatment is often trauma, loss, or suffering. This may come from one or many past experiences within the contexts outlined above (mind/body/spirit/community). Healing is about regaining a firm footing on the path towards growth.

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