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Is therapy private?

Yes. Therapy is confidential. When you become a new patient in our office, you will receive a "Concent to Treatment" form, which will explain confidentiality in writing. No information will be given to anyone without your permission. If you give permission for information to be released, you may rescind that permission at any time. The only times that exceptions may be made to such confidentiality are if you are going to hurt yourself or someone else.

Do I have to lay on a couch?

No. There is a love seat in the office - some people like to stretch out and get comfortable, but you do not have to lie down and you do not have to close your eyes.

How long will I be in therapy?

That depends on you and and your goals. Some people come to therapy to work on one specific issue that may only require a few sessions. Other people come to therapy with deeper psychological wounds that require a longer period of time to work through.

How are a psychologist, clinical social worker, and a psychotherapist different from each other?

These titles describe individuals with different training, goals, and techniques. Therapist is a generic term for someone who does psychotherapy, and does not tell you what the person's specific training or credentials are. A social worker typically has a masters degree, while a psychologist has a doctoral degree. Social workers are trained to help people using therapy and social services. Psychologists are trained to provide therapy and testing. A clinical social worker has received additional clinical supervised training beyond the training received as a social worker. Both social workers and psychologists are licensed professionals.

Do you prescribe medication?

No. Psychologists do not have prescription privileges in the state of Pennsylvania. If you require medication, you should consult with a psychiatrist or your family doctor. If you would like, we can consult with your prescribing doctor to facilitate a more complete and cooperative wellness plan.



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